Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Waiting for Your Call

On Saturday evening We have plan to posted my new look in lookbook after have a motivation from my friend because We are very surprise that she joins lookbook too. We decided to take a picture tommorow and mix our clothes. We find two looks for tommorow so we can take a photos twice, very nice isn't it?

On Sunday morning..

My little sister has a physic exercise for her mid test so we decided to go in afternoon. Then we get a news that my little sister's teacher is ill, so we get any time to prepare and go to the place we take a photos. The place not so far from my house. Suddenly before we go, we can't find our camera. we search it anywhere but nothing we get. So we steady to go and use our phone camera. So the result doesn't satisfied
here the photos...

Somewhere boutique in my town on Top, Chiffon Skirt and Vintage Bag by Elizabeth, Unbranded Tights, Donatello in Wedges, Floral Headpiece by Giberella Butik

Mixed by Giberella Butik X Insanity to Fashion

Quote of the Day :

" Fashion is a Medicine"

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  1. lovely pastels ! You look very pretty,dear:)

    come to visit my new post

    1. thankyou so much dear :)
      okay I have visit your blog <333