Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Here We're Back Again

Heyy there! We're deeply sorry long time no update this blog. hehe. Miss youu!  So busy right now. Yah you know classic causes. And we took this photograph few days ago  in somewhere near home. And WOW! amazing place there. We found an amazing view but while we tried to take photo, and I felt it out of our concept. Because the place match if you're wearing dress. So beautiful! Look this one! :)

And this is unconcept photoshoot. Because there isn't match. But we're excited with the place. So Here this photo. Cutie place!

 Giberella Boutique Pink Chiffon on top, Unbranded Studed Necklace, C&C Tribal Bodycon Skirt, Bucherri neon shoes

Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012


hey you know what is a new style in the world? there is a .... 'stud'. maybe stud usually used by punk and rocker but now in the world all people use stud in her/his looks.I think this style is so amazing because we can use it in jacket, shirts, skirts, pants, headband, hat, shoes, and etc.

And this is style of stud, may you inspired from it!! :D

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Webbing Hat

Webbing Hat yeaahhh we got it from Bali, Indonesia when we get a holiday on it. We confused to mix our webbing hat. After try to look at our wardrobe, we got a dress from our boutique "Giberella Butik" we mix it with stocking and webbing hat.

Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Waiting for Your Call

On Saturday evening We have plan to posted my new look in lookbook after have a motivation from my friend because We are very surprise that she joins lookbook too. We decided to take a picture tommorow and mix our clothes. We find two looks for tommorow so we can take a photos twice, very nice isn't it?

On Sunday morning..

My little sister has a physic exercise for her mid test so we decided to go in afternoon. Then we get a news that my little sister's teacher is ill, so we get any time to prepare and go to the place we take a photos. The place not so far from my house. Suddenly before we go, we can't find our camera. we search it anywhere but nothing we get. So we steady to go and use our phone camera. So the result doesn't satisfied
here the photos...

Somewhere boutique in my town on Top, Chiffon Skirt and Vintage Bag by Elizabeth, Unbranded Tights, Donatello in Wedges, Floral Headpiece by Giberella Butik

Mixed by Giberella Butik X Insanity to Fashion

Minggu, 02 September 2012

Crazy Dancing with the Sun

Today is sunny day. And We have an idea to promote our new clothes. So We went bathroom to take a bath and prepare our make up in a hour. Then... We go to place for take some picture , Oh the place can't protect me from the bright sun shine and people around who always tried to looking at me. Ahh! I feel ashamed sometimes caused it. HAHAHA. Here are details my looks today. I'm wearing of my sister's top. She bought it about 2 weaks ago from some boutique in mall of my town.. :) and the jeans lengging it has brushing colour combine of pink, green and white likes neon colour. It bought by us almost one year ago from our hunts in online bazaar. But, still cool lenggings! you know?

Make Up, and hair by Melina Astri Rahayu
Mixed by Giberella Butik
Top by Looks Butik
Brush Leggings by Online Bazar @MX Mall  
Shoes by Bucherri

Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Batik = Indonesian Culture ♥

Last year my mom has bought a batik fabric from Madura and she confused what she must do with it. So we made into Maxi Skirt. Yeayy!  As you know or if you don't know yet. Batik is a traditional culture from Indonesia so some maker of Batik Fabric made the print with manually use their hand and equipment  called "canting" to put it into the fabric. More unique of Batik is in every region in Indonesia they have differ characteristic on the print. Sooo LET WE KEEP BATIK AS ONE OF HERITAGE WORLD! 


Maxi Skirt by Giberella

Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

First New Look on our LOOKBOOK

LOOKBOOK.NU or lookbook if you ever heard. Yah it's the web that made for blogger around the world to publish their daily looks with their mixes from many branded clothes. Yahh as we are a fashion blogger now. We wanna tried to participating on lookbook in order to made our blog and of course our online shop Giberella Butik famous. Ahh haha! This the first look so please support with click click on join this site in the left of our blog and the right on widget of our lookbook that Your click click is very meaning to us. PLEASE DEAR!

Unbranded Tank top, Giberella's Skirt, Donatello Heels


Giberella Butik still Ready

Giberella butik still ready in this photo dear. Grab Fast! Fast response on 081945542433. Btw, we still receive order of our vintage headband too. (:

All Tops and Dress by Giberella Butik

Vintage Headband by  Giberella Butik

Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Happy Eid!

Tomorrow is Eid Al-Fitr. And all of moslem celebrate it. I'm so happy too because we have fasting for a month. All people forgive each other. Btw, I have got earlier greeting Eid Al-Fitr from my friend, a bouquet of flower. :))

Yeni, Yuni, and Melina also
Bambang Giri Santoso 
"Takobalallah huminna waminkum taqobal Ya Karim"
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin

Finally Galaxy ❤

After long time We lookin for clothes that have galaxy print. because there so much blogger in lookbook and ROMWE  that use it but in Indonesia especially in my region, Malang there is none of it. It makes us SOOOO ENVY! And one day Ney accompany with her friend go to mall to lookin for her clothes. And WOW! I'm really surprise when we go to some Boutique Called LOOKS.. hhaha psst! secret! it's new boutique here. In mannequin I see The One We Love! Ahh it's amazing GALAXY TOP combine with blue denim trousers! In my heart said Ohh! It must be Mine! Ahaha! Girl's Instinct.. YES, Now It's our mine! Adore it! Thanks to Nuy bought for US! Yeayy!

Galaxy Printed Top from Looks 

Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Giberella Butik's Sold Out Yeayy!

Giberella Butik is our first online and street shop. Me (Yeni), my twin Yuni and also Melina had an idea Why don't we made clothes with our style inspired by some blogger ? Because it's gonna be unique style and differ from other online shop or boutique. Now It be our PRINCIPLE to make our product. just because we're busy with our study in collage or school and we're limit of tailor it makes our business gettin not maximum result. And here are some clothes that SOLD OUT. alhamdulillah! Thanks for every buyer. WE LOVE YA! MUAH!

All top by Giberella Butik

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Pinky Day!

This holiday, I spent my time to take photo with my friend. The theme is 'Princess'. I combine my sister's pink dress with big floral headband. I have looking for headband to many place but no shop sell it. Finally, I have an idea to looking headband at florist. I've to go there. So I met a flower seller and ask her to made me a headband. I explain so much. After long explanation she likes understand what I want. She promise finished it for two days.

Two Days Later...

I came back to the seller. Wow! I feel really surprised when I see the headband. It doesn't like what I imagine. Really big! like crown usually to wedding party. ahh! so bad~ but I didn't Care! Because I have to go for photo shoot promised with My Friend.  

Unbranded headband

Everything is Unbranded 

Quotation of The Day is all we have for the past is over and tomorrow is not ours to tell 

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Flowering Sisterhood

Gorgeous Sister!

We are family. yeah! happy family, of course. In our first post, we will introduce our self. Yuni S. Rahayu and Yeni Puri Rahayu are twins and we have a little sister named Melina Astri Rahayu. on July 3rd 2012 we got holiday. and try to spent it with photo shoot. We adore of photography and fashion especially.

and here we are..

Yuni S. Rahayu

I'm the first daughter in our family. Nuy is my nick on my family. I 20 years old like my twin. and now I'm study  Law and Civil Education Department in University of Malang. I'm interesting on fashion bloggers like both of my sisters. we do love Diana Rikasari and Anastasia Siantar. they're so inspiring me to be a good fashion blogger and makes clothes match.

asimetric skirt, flowering top, and flowering headband by Giberella Butik,
shoes by Donatello

Yeni Puri Rahayu

I'm a twin of Yuni. I don't know I'm the first daughter or second daughter. my parents always debate about it. but I don't care. Like my sisters too I love much of fashion. I always want to fashionable and match everywhere and what ever the condition. the point is it's make me feel happy and take respect from other. oh yah! I'm 20 years old, of course same like my twins. but I differ in school and also in our collage. I'm studying accounting department, Brawijaya University. the fame collage in town. In my home they call me Ney. it just the opposite of my real spell name. but I always proud if someone else or my friend call me Ney. hahaha! its SWEET!

vintage dress and flowering headband by Giberella Butik 

Melina Astri Rahayu

HELLO! I'm the little sister of Ney and Nuy. I loved fashion so much. I'm now 17th years old, so I'm in a final grade now. I really really love my school, Senior High School 2 Malang. Not only my friend but also my teacher. My friend usually call me 'comel'. Comel is melayu language means funny :) I'm so excited with dance, especially modern dance. So wonderful for me. Although i'm a dancer but I want to be a Doctor ❤

floral dress and flowering headband by Giberella Butik