Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Black and Velvet

this is the second photo session in Wisma Tumapel ..
We took Retro theme and mix black bustier, leather skirt, with blue velvet blazer and Boots!

Blue Velvet Blazer by Giberella Boutique
Unbranded Bustier
Leather Skirt by C&C Boutique
Donatello Boots

Kamis, 05 September 2013

Searching For Another Guy

Before holiday was over I have plan to take a picture with my friend. so we are going to Tidar where we will take a picture. After we prepare for makeup-ing, there's a security that told us if we couldn't take a picture there. so we leave Tidar and we go to Lambau, Lambau is old building in my town. Buuuutttttt when we arrived we found that Lambau was destroyed. So where will we go next?
We go to Ijen street but there's no park area there. Finally, I got an idea and the place issssss.... 

Wisma Tumapel, check this out!!

Floral Retro Blazer by Giberella Boutique
Floral Retro Skirt by Giberella Boutique
Unbranded Sun Glasses 
UP Shoes Stella-Red

Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Shadow of The Day

Hi everyone, happy fasting for all moslem in this world! :)
I'm sorry I'm late to post this on my blog, however I have post it to lookbook a few days.
If you have see my look on my lookbook, you must be know that I wore our new design vintage collection for our clothing line, Giberella Boutique !

I tried to combine our pink vintage floral blazer with black asymmetric skirt and studed necklace on white lace.

Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Dream Catcher on My Phone

When I get holiday to Bali Island Indonesia, I bought two dream catchers necklace. In cream and blue tosca color. Then yesterday I order new skin for my phone. This is my dream catcher, and my new phone skin...

Senin, 15 Juli 2013

My Watch Collection

My Daddy bought me a new watch and of course I feel happy. When I am go to watch store, I found mny gold watch but because I have small hand so I choose the small one. This is my watch collection...

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Giberella Boutique New Vintage Collection

Hey Girlssss already know Giberella Butik? Yes, it's the one and only our clothing line now design by ourselves. We have prepared for new vintage collection from few months ago. Here, some preview our new collection and Insya Allah can be released before Ied. We hope you like it!

 Coming soooooon! Happy Shopping! ASAP! hehe :)

Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

Featured on UP Website

WOW! yesterday I have found that I have featured on gallery website UP Shoes (agaaaain). yeayy! UP is one of my favourite shoe brand because it made in original in Indonesia, but the quality almost same with popular shoe brand other countries. I am proud wear it! the UP Shoe's owner is my favourite fashion blogger too. She so inspiring me!

My second time

My first time

Rabu, 03 Juli 2013


hi hi, long time no update this blog, miss a lotta! This just because we're busy again and again! i have graduate from high school finally yeaaay! and now I am gettin holiday. and I remind that I am not yet post the  last look on lookbook in this blog! I am so sorry everyone! Here are...

Combo Hat by Giberella Boutique
Floral Headband by Giberella Boutique
Floral Blouse by Giberella Boutique
Chiffon Skirt + Belt by Elizabeth 
UP Shoes

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Floral Mask

Heyy long time no update! Finally we have new DSLR camera from Fuji. hehe. alhamdulillah!
In the much of spare time we were make some concept for new looks. And we're so difficult to match time each other. But after we look on twitter some friends have join that called "La Fleur" contest that mean the flower or floral in english, without more thinking we want to join this contest too.


We prepare all. After take some photographs in two places. And now look we are soo confusing or galau-ing (Indonesian most popular used) with the results. What we must take to the contest? We tried to ask our favorite fashion blogger Diana Rikasari. She said both of our floral mixed are really cool!

Hmm. please dear help us to choose the best one for take to the contest! and please pray for us to be a winner! amiin! muah!

Floral headband Giberella Boutique
Vintage Floral Dress Giberella Boutique
Blue Velvet Blazer Giberella Boutique
Necklace by ROMWE
Shoes by UP Shoes
Make Up by Melina Astri Rahayu
Fashion Stylist by Yuni S Rahayu & Yeni Puri Rahayu

Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

Giberella Butik For Sketsa Magazine

Finally after long time to wait the publishing of SKETSA MAGAZINE #18 here the launched! Alhamdulillah! the result better than our expected before. yeayy!
Thankyou for everyone especially the editorial of Sketsa Magz Juno also the model Savira and photographer Arianti. We're nothing without them. The editor offering us to collaborate with Giberella Butik X Insanity to Fashion for fashion pages.  Soo check out other collection too of course on Facebook of Giberella Boutique! We wish that our fashion can extend into high school student and we wait the next collaborate offering. Wish you like it guys! It better if you have it! :)

Here the little preview SKETSA MAGAZINE #18