Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Floral Mask

Heyy long time no update! Finally we have new DSLR camera from Fuji. hehe. alhamdulillah!
In the much of spare time we were make some concept for new looks. And we're so difficult to match time each other. But after we look on twitter some friends have join that called "La Fleur" contest that mean the flower or floral in english, without more thinking we want to join this contest too.


We prepare all. After take some photographs in two places. And now look we are soo confusing or galau-ing (Indonesian most popular used) with the results. What we must take to the contest? We tried to ask our favorite fashion blogger Diana Rikasari. She said both of our floral mixed are really cool!

Hmm. please dear help us to choose the best one for take to the contest! and please pray for us to be a winner! amiin! muah!

Floral headband Giberella Boutique
Vintage Floral Dress Giberella Boutique
Blue Velvet Blazer Giberella Boutique
Necklace by ROMWE
Shoes by UP Shoes
Make Up by Melina Astri Rahayu
Fashion Stylist by Yuni S Rahayu & Yeni Puri Rahayu

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