Kamis, 05 September 2013

Searching For Another Guy

Before holiday was over I have plan to take a picture with my friend. so we are going to Tidar where we will take a picture. After we prepare for makeup-ing, there's a security that told us if we couldn't take a picture there. so we leave Tidar and we go to Lambau, Lambau is old building in my town. Buuuutttttt when we arrived we found that Lambau was destroyed. So where will we go next?
We go to Ijen street but there's no park area there. Finally, I got an idea and the place issssss.... 

Wisma Tumapel, check this out!!

Floral Retro Blazer by Giberella Boutique
Floral Retro Skirt by Giberella Boutique
Unbranded Sun Glasses 
UP Shoes Stella-Red

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