Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Finally Galaxy ❤

After long time We lookin for clothes that have galaxy print. because there so much blogger in lookbook and ROMWE  that use it but in Indonesia especially in my region, Malang there is none of it. It makes us SOOOO ENVY! And one day Ney accompany with her friend go to mall to lookin for her clothes. And WOW! I'm really surprise when we go to some Boutique Called LOOKS.. hhaha psst! secret! it's new boutique here. In mannequin I see The One We Love! Ahh it's amazing GALAXY TOP combine with blue denim trousers! In my heart said Ohh! It must be Mine! Ahaha! Girl's Instinct.. YES, Now It's our mine! Adore it! Thanks to Nuy bought for US! Yeayy!

Galaxy Printed Top from Looks 

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