Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Pinky Day!

This holiday, I spent my time to take photo with my friend. The theme is 'Princess'. I combine my sister's pink dress with big floral headband. I have looking for headband to many place but no shop sell it. Finally, I have an idea to looking headband at florist. I've to go there. So I met a flower seller and ask her to made me a headband. I explain so much. After long explanation she likes understand what I want. She promise finished it for two days.

Two Days Later...

I came back to the seller. Wow! I feel really surprised when I see the headband. It doesn't like what I imagine. Really big! like crown usually to wedding party. ahh! so bad~ but I didn't Care! Because I have to go for photo shoot promised with My Friend.  

Unbranded headband

Everything is Unbranded 

Quotation of The Day is all we have for the past is over and tomorrow is not ours to tell 

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