Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

First New Look on our LOOKBOOK

LOOKBOOK.NU or lookbook if you ever heard. Yah it's the web that made for blogger around the world to publish their daily looks with their mixes from many branded clothes. Yahh as we are a fashion blogger now. We wanna tried to participating on lookbook in order to made our blog and of course our online shop Giberella Butik famous. Ahh haha! This the first look so please support with click click on join this site in the left of our blog and the right on widget of our lookbook that Your click click is very meaning to us. PLEASE DEAR!

Unbranded Tank top, Giberella's Skirt, Donatello Heels


Giberella Butik still Ready

Giberella butik still ready in this photo dear. Grab Fast! Fast response on 081945542433. Btw, we still receive order of our vintage headband too. (:

All Tops and Dress by Giberella Butik

Vintage Headband by  Giberella Butik

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