Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Flowering Sisterhood

Gorgeous Sister!

We are family. yeah! happy family, of course. In our first post, we will introduce our self. Yuni S. Rahayu and Yeni Puri Rahayu are twins and we have a little sister named Melina Astri Rahayu. on July 3rd 2012 we got holiday. and try to spent it with photo shoot. We adore of photography and fashion especially.

and here we are..

Yuni S. Rahayu

I'm the first daughter in our family. Nuy is my nick on my family. I 20 years old like my twin. and now I'm study  Law and Civil Education Department in University of Malang. I'm interesting on fashion bloggers like both of my sisters. we do love Diana Rikasari and Anastasia Siantar. they're so inspiring me to be a good fashion blogger and makes clothes match.

asimetric skirt, flowering top, and flowering headband by Giberella Butik,
shoes by Donatello

Yeni Puri Rahayu

I'm a twin of Yuni. I don't know I'm the first daughter or second daughter. my parents always debate about it. but I don't care. Like my sisters too I love much of fashion. I always want to fashionable and match everywhere and what ever the condition. the point is it's make me feel happy and take respect from other. oh yah! I'm 20 years old, of course same like my twins. but I differ in school and also in our collage. I'm studying accounting department, Brawijaya University. the fame collage in town. In my home they call me Ney. it just the opposite of my real spell name. but I always proud if someone else or my friend call me Ney. hahaha! its SWEET!

vintage dress and flowering headband by Giberella Butik 

Melina Astri Rahayu

HELLO! I'm the little sister of Ney and Nuy. I loved fashion so much. I'm now 17th years old, so I'm in a final grade now. I really really love my school, Senior High School 2 Malang. Not only my friend but also my teacher. My friend usually call me 'comel'. Comel is melayu language means funny :) I'm so excited with dance, especially modern dance. So wonderful for me. Although i'm a dancer but I want to be a Doctor ❤

floral dress and flowering headband by Giberella Butik

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